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Our mission is to help more chiropractors better integrate nutrition in their practice, WITHOUT being a distraction to the primary method of care they provide.

We have two objectives with Start Small:

1) to maximize the financial opportunity with your existing patient base. You are always looking for ethical ways to increase the bottom line and we want to help you with that.  

2) to help the effectiveness of the adjustment. It is no secret that patients are not responding to adjustments as well as they used to. This has little to do with the technique or the chiropractor, but it is directly correlated to the quality of the patient’s health you are treating. Thirty years ago people were not as sick as they are today - food, air, drugs and other environmental factors severely impact the chemical stress on a human being and it has never been worse. We have seen the effectiveness of the adjustment change when you introduce some basic nutrition to these patients.                     

If the above statements resonate with you, we welcome you to join our mission. Please complete the form below and you will be sent a video each week that outlines a specific product and how to properly incorporate it into your practice. We are “starting small” but you will experience big returns for your practice and your patients.

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