We have a team of trained professionals ready to support you and your growing practice. Services offered include clinical support, nutritional/herbal guidance, business consulting, patient education, and much more. See below for the contact information of your representative (assigned by area code).


Associate Sales Representatives


Rachel Andrews.jpg

Rachel Andrews, CNC  - 419 & 937 Area codes

Improving lives is my ultimate goal. My opportunities as a nutrition consultant have given me the first-hand experience of working with clients. This has enriched my ability to help you maximize your potential by delivering the best available resources to your office, staff, and patients.



Gene Marchese.jpg

Gene Marchese, MSACN - 614 & 740 area codes

I have been with Standard Process of Ohio since 2006 assisting practitioners with implementing nutrition into their practices. Having a master’s in nutrition from New York Chiropractic College helps to further my passion for nutrition and better assist your office, staff, and patients.



Jennifer Patriarca.jpg

Jennifer Patriarca - 216, 330, & 440 Area codes

I am here to help you, help your patients. I understand the goal is about creating lifetime clients - you can do that by providing efficacious whole food nutrition and herbs to enhance your overall care.



Sylvia Zamora.jpg

Sylvia Zamora, CNC - 513 & 937 area codes

I am here to support you and your practice as you help clients improve their lives by providing them with whole food nutrition and holistic care. My experience working with Standard Process® has equipped me to bring the best available resources to your office, staff, and clients.