John Bennett, DC

John Bennett, DC

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May 18th || Dayton, OH || 8 CEUs || Saturday 8:30AM - 5:30PM

Location: Holiday Inn Dayton Fairborn, 2800 Presidential Drive, Fairborn, OH 45324

The Triad of Health and Wellness

Successful functional wellness practices are grounded in The Triad of Health and Wellness, which includes the structure, biochemistry as well as the emotional state of an individual. Each side of the triangle of The Triad of Health and Wellness accounts for 33% of the cause of disease, disharmony, or dysfunction. This training course was developed to help health practitioners uncover the underlying weaknesses in the triad and develop successful strategies to support the natural innate healing process of the body.

• Learn to evaluate and prioritize key stressors that create weakness in the Triad

• Create plans that help patients build improved resilience to stress and support the natural healing capacity of the body

• Examine key components of the:

– Adrenal Triad

– Hormonal Triad

– Metabolic Triad

• Explore the benefits of incorporating simple yet effective evaluation tools into your daily practice

John Bennett, DC

John Bennett is a 28-year chiropractic veteran, small business entrepreneur, certified coach, teacher and speaker. By combining the chiropractic principles of vitalism with his extensive experience in therapeutic nutrition, he has developed an extremely successful wellness model. His functional approach to developing longlasting relationships with patients, combined with his drive to share effective strategies with peer practitioners has led to aunique teaching style that aligns goals and purpose to achieve heightened levels of personal and professional success. Walk away with the tools to increase your PVA by up to 200%

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