Stuart White, DC, DCABN

Stuart White, DC, DCABN

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December 1st - 2nd || Westerville, OH || 12 CEUs || Saturday 8:30AM - 5:30PM Sunday 8:30AM - 12:30PM

Location: Standard Process of Ohio Office, 98 Commerce Park Dr, Westerville, OH 43082

This seminar is about finding the relationships between the inner and outer man, between the somatic system and the visceral system, and helping to find that by strengthening the inner circuits, the outer circuits are able to be fixed.
“Everything relates to everything and anything can cause anything.”

This is when healing becomes really fascinating.

It’s also looking at the complexity that occurs between organs, between organs and glands, and other causes. As always, it is better to find the cause of the cause of the cause… as high up in the chain of causes as can be found, than it is to treat the downstream symptoms. It explores some of the known circuitry that we can understand and some of the less known visceral pathways that can explain why people are frustrated in their healing processes and why specific maladies won’t get well until the circuitry is unburdened and strengthened.

Seminar Objectives:

_ to teach basic System Strength Analysis
_ to teach Tracing/Circuiting procedures
_ to explore viscero-somatic, limbic, cognitive and metabolic relationships
_ to explore systems and nutrients most involved with behavior
_ to further develop a model of understanding of the multiple factors that influence efferent and afferent visceral neurological function and thereby create a basis for predicting dysregulation and extension symptomatology
_ to elaborate and introduce ways of influencing and modulating viscerosomatic reflexes and thus creating palliative reduction of suffering
_ to break out of the narrow and mundane model of symptom driven protocols and gain the ability to discover how each person is a unique sequence of events creating syndromes and symptoms - inturn let each patient teach the practitioner something new about why and how they are made

Dr. White has applied nutritional principles to health issues for over thirty-six years, emphasizing hormonal balance and detoxification of all systems. Having graduated from Life Chiropractic College in 1980, Dr. White now exclusively practices nutrition and herbal therapy, having treated in excess of thirty-eight thousand patients, using his vast training and experience in nutrition, which includes Applied Trophology, Systems Strength Analysis, Meridian Stress Analysis, and Acoustic Cardiography. He has participated in numerous product trials with Standard Process and has used SP for his entire 36 years in practice. He oversaw Whole Health Associates, one of the most successful multi-practitioner complementary healthcare practices in the U. S., for many years and now also practices in Charlotte, NC

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