Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH

Ronda Nelson, PhD, MH

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September 15th || Dayton, OH || 8 CEUs || Saturday 8:30AM - 5:30PM

Location: Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairborn, 2800 Presidential Dr, Fairborn, OH 45324

The body is full of clues, if we know where to look. The head, face, neck and hands provide a wealth of information for the trained eye to discover. Signs indicating possible dysfunctions are abundant in these areas, providing unique clues for customizing herbal and nutritional protocols for the patient. Practitioners attending this seminar will come away with the knowledge of how to quickly asses the signs of dysfunction appearing on the head, face, neck and hands in order to provide a more tailored nutritional approach for their patients.

On completion of this course, attendees will:

  • Review the architecture and anatomy of the face

  • Recognize the ten most common physical signs on the face

  • Gain confidence when using the face as a way to determine changes in physiology

  • Recognize the five key signs in each of the areas discussed: eyes, cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, ears, nose, hands and hair

  • Basic review possible physiologic dysfunctions of each

  • Develop appropriate nutritional protocols to support normal physiology

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